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We’re a Certified Consulting partner located in Toronto, Ontario and serving clients across the United States and Canada.


We’ll take care of your CRM investment like it’s our own. Our Salesforce experts are veterans in the industry with 10+ years of experience, some have even worked for Salesforce, and have been setting up systems long before joining our company in 2011.

inetindustry – we bring our expertise and years of in-the-trenches experience along with clear communication and timelines so you can relax and go grab a mojito while we get the job done.

How We Help Our Clients

  • Initial Implementations
  • Administrative Support
  • System Integration
  • Custom Development

Percentage of time spent in various activities related to CRM.

Bring Your Vision To Reality

We have our Business Coaching division to guide you through creating your “vision”. We identify technologies that fit your goals, faster. And you get better value with our proprietary “Agile Prototype Method”™:

  • See your vision in action – sooner
  • Less documentation up-front, faster design & prototyping
  • Detailed training and documentation when project is complete
  • Focus on usability and effectiveness – we’re in the knowledge economy
  • Multiple options to choose from – quick workarounds and custom solutions
  • Always focused on KPIs and results-driven economy

How To Get A Win-Win-Win Between Users, Managers and Executives

Data quality is the most important aspect of any database system and requires 3 Pillars of Data Success to ensure user adoption and clear value positioning.

Pillar 1 – Clean-up historic data.

This includes cleaning up data before it gets into Salesforce, and any of the historic data that has become obsolete. We use tools like Data Enrichment, De-Duplication, and Purging to dust-off your environment and prepare it for fresh set of eyes.

Pillar 2 – Pro-active data maintenance.

Background processes are put in place to prevent data from becoming obsolete, data governance systems control future change management and user training provides the tools and skills necessary to get maximum benefit from new clean data.

Pillar 3 – KPIs to measure data quality and feedback loops.

Data quality must be defined in measurable terms and analyzed on a regular basis. When chosen KPIs (field completion ratio, last touch date, etc.) get outside of accepted range, business processes and user training must be reviewed to ensure system alignment.

User on-boarding documentation and training is key to understanding system complexity. Is there a specific business process in place to use each of the different application areas? Are there manual tasks involved in certain areas that, when removed, will greatly improve user experience and increase perceived value of having the system in the first place?

At times adding graphical elements and looking at the application from a design perspective (look and feel) will open up access to information that wasn’t clearly visible when looking at raw data.

We have UX (user experience) designers on staff to assist in the process – because sometimes 1-click is better than many.

WIIFT (What’s In It For Them) Training is a revolutionary training concept that focuses on the WHY and not the HOW of using new systems.

We dig deep to uncover what drives end-users to evangelize new systems and provide training on business processes first, WHY the systems are being put in place and how they’ll be of benefit. Only after do we focus on the HOW when users are more open to adoption and learning.

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To paraphrase Reid Hoffman, inetindustry is a team who jump off a cliff, then assemble the airplane on their way down. But it’s not their entrepreneurial spirit that sets them apart from other original people; it’s the logical, focused and organized approach that can produce amazing results in any business, marketing or technical context.

Alex Resan
CRM Consultant & Business Analyst, CIBC

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