Our Team


Owner, Salesforce Technical Architect, Marketing Strategist
Dmitri knows it all, he’s got the ability to whip up solutions for any challenge that comes up and his result driven strategy ensures all clients receive top of the line service.


Business Development Manager
Endre can really see through business challenges and gets everyone he meets to come up with ideas and solutions they never thought were possible given limited time and resources. Endre is our expert in developing long lasting relationships with clients and is always analyzing potential opportunities.


Client Success Manager
Kat is the face of the company and first point of contact who welcomes new clients into the family. As Client Success Manager, she quickly handles the business side of things and loves to make our clients smile. As an expert multitasker and problem solver, Kat is always providing solutions to better the customer experience.


Client Engagement Manager
Nikolai has the talent to pull in the right resources before they're needed to push entire project team forward and execute flawlessly. He’s got the eye to determine a unique approach to each project in order for it to run smoothly.


Salesforce.com Architect
Michael’s analytical nature has him always planning and analyzing to ensure that our clients' Salesforce.com implementation, enhancements and maintenance is in line with their business needs. His technical skills and attention to detail allow him to create unique solutions catered to our clients' individual requirements.


UX Expert
Anna is the creative expert when it comes to graphic design, web development and user behaviour. Her logical approach for implementing strategies to enhance the user experience ensures we are always one step ahead.
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Alex Resan
CRM Consultant & Business Analyst, CIBC

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