Company Overview

Since 2011, we’ve made it Inetindustry’s mission to empower B2B Sales, Marketing and Operations teams boost profit-generating productivity, eliminate mundane, manual tasks, and develop innovative software applications based on Salesforce, Pardot (marketing automation) and Heroku platforms.

That’s over 5 years of assisting companies in developing sales & marketing technology solutions that support, rather than hamper, and drive business growth.

Whether you’re not clear on your sales & marketing processes or ongoing difficulty getting things done on schedule, or you need help adding new resources to further boost your team’s capabilities, we understand that you need technology expertise fast.

We’ll get you the support you require to work smarter and more efficiently, and we’ll provide the strategic expertise you need to plan for success along with the tactical know-how of how to get things, and get them done quickly!

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Inetindustry continues to grow every day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We cover several industry verticals such as financial services, healthcare, and technology (SaaS) solutions.

Our mission

Our team’s knowledge and experience along with innovative technology solutions will allow you to:

  • Organize your systems and processes — and create them in the first place
  • Communicate with your audience on a personal level
  • Show up as Heroes for your internal teams and customers
  • Quickly prototype innovative solutions and bring them to market, Fast
  • Automate your business, so you know things get done when they need to be done

How we work

  • Traffic Generation (Paid Media)
  • Visitor Conversion (Offers/Landing Pages)
  • Prospect Nurturing (Drip Campaigns/Funnels)
  • Sales Process (Pipeline/Forecasting)
  • Configure, Price, Quote (Shorten, Maximize, Automate)
  • Manage Service Delivery (Track, Measure, Analyze)
  • Data Management (Integrate, Automate)
  • Internal and Customer Apps (Innovate, Simplify)
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To paraphrase Reid Hoffman, inetindustry is a team who jump off a cliff, then assemble the airplane on their way down. But it’s not their entrepreneurial spirit that sets them apart from other original people; it’s the logical, focused and organized approach that can produce amazing results in any business, marketing or technical context.

Alex Resan
CRM Consultant & Business Analyst, CIBC

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