4 Stages Of Prospect Nurturing

Every marketing strategy should include a Lead Nurturing plan. A successful marketing strategy focuses on building relationships with potential buyers even if they are not ready to buy just yet.

According to a Report by Gallup, 71% of B2B customers are not engaged, which means there are millions of potential dollars that are lost because companies only engage 29% of their customers.

Understanding the stages in prospect nurturing will ensure no opportunities are missed and great relationships are built.

Lead generation and awareness stage

You’ve got an awesome product or service and now it’s time to get the word out and generate leads that will become your potential clients.
First, you have to understand your clients – what their needs are, what challenges they have and demonstrate why you are the expert that can solve their problems and make them successful.

Once you’ve got an understanding of the type of customer you want to target, find out where they hang out, where they get their information from and create a content strategy that speaks to your target customer.

Your prospects have to become aware of you and their problem first. Show them that there is a solution and how you can provide it. At this stage, the goal is to create awareness, grow traffic to your website and to increase engagement. Marketing content such as blogs, social media updates, podcasts and videos are the types of content you want to focus on at this stage.

Give the readers value that follows up with a Call to Action.

Relationship building and educating prospects

The goal in this stage is to grow your leads and your email lists. Provide useful content that your prospects can use right away in exchange for their email. Downloading a Template or a Quick Guide works well because it is something they can access quickly and get quick results.

Follow up with your prospects by creating retargeting lists. Retargeting is showing ads on social media or sending content to those visitors that went on your site but didn’t convert.

Another way you can retarget potential leads is by sending them quick reminder emails to download the useful thing that you are offering them.

Other Retargeting strategies include cross selling and up selling, and segmenting which content you send based on where they clicked. Hubspot offers more retargeting ideas that are worthwhile checking out!

Quizzes, surveys, educational content, webinars are the types of content that you want to use at this stage. Provide useful information by sending eBooks, or reports at this stage and grow your email lists.

Sales engagement

So you’ve educated your prospect, got them interested in your service, now it’s time to assign the lead to a sales person who can provide a more in depth consultative conversation with the lead.

Consultative selling approach concentrates on how you can help your client. What are their challenges, and what problems they are facing and how can you make them more successful?

Ask probing questions to discover what their challenges and needs are. Then come up with effective solutions that can help your client be successful.

Build a nurturing campaign for leads that converted into clients – don’t use this to only send new offers.

Existing clients want exciting content. This includes useful information about you company, customer stories, and demos. Send content that describes your new products or services, use it to up-sell to existing clients.

Staying Top Of Mind

What do you do with the prospects who are not ready to make a purchase?

According to okpost.com article,63% of people requesting information will not buy for at least three months and 20% will not make a purchase for at least a year.

Use the information your sales team gathered by addressing the challenges your potential clients have that are not ready to buy yet.

Be sure to segment the prospects when reconnecting, what types of challenges or concerns do they have? Create compelling content that answers those concerns and show them how you are the one that can address the challenges they face.

At this stage, your leads are looking to gather information about your services. Webinars or short videos work well at this stage. Build trust with your leads that you are the expert they need to come to when they are ready to make a purchase.

Send out interesting ides to catch their attention, offer them value but also find out more information about them. Be sure to have topics that entice curiosity so the emails are more likely to get opened.

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