Quality Content Your Clients Will Want To Read

So you’ve decided to write a newsletter for your customers or perhaps a blog on your website but how do you write content that your customers will actually read?

Even if you are not a professional writer, there are crucial points to follow to ensure your marketing content resonates with your customer.

Pick a compelling headline

Once you’ve decided on the topic you want to write about, come up with a few different headline ideas that will structure your piece.  Your headline is the first impression you make on the reader and must grab the prospective reader’s attention. Believe it or not, 8 out 10 people will read the headline but not the rest of the article. Here are a few helpful tips of mastering the art of writing a headline that your readers will notice.

Depending which direction you want to take your piece, pick type of headline you will use. Below are the most popular commonly used headline types.

The Burning Question Headline asks question to get the readers’ curiosity flowing, clicking, reading and sharing.

Pick a question that would be important to your reader or something they haven’t thought of before.

This really works to entice the readers’ curiosity. In fact, a Norwegian study, found that when a simple statement was changed into a question and the clicks skyrocketed!

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 2.42.00 PM


The How-To Headline provides a solution to a common problem your readers may have. Be sure to narrow down the problem to be able to provide a specific solution.

The headline should be enticing but provide a reader with a unique problem solution.

“How to turn 1 idea into 2 months of Marketing content?” 

The List Post Headline is the post popular headline for a blog post that continues to amaze. The list post provides steps or tips on a subject the reader can quickly read through.

Keep the title short and to the point.

In fact, the most popular shared blog post in 2013, from Copyblogger was a list post:

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 2.47.25 PM

Know your audience

In order to stay relevant with your audience, find out what their interests and concerns are.

What are the current trends that are important to them?

What ideas do your customers love?

Put yourself in the customers’ shoes and ask yourself what would they want to hear?

Often, writers make the mistake of writing about them- their products and their views instead of concentrating on what the reader wants to read.

Building your customers’ persona will help you pinpoint exactly who it is that you are targeting. You need to ensure you are directing your content at the appropriate audience at the right time. Develop a real sense of your client, who are you targeting in this piece specifically?

By going through the steps of building your customers’ persona, you will be sure that you are targeting the correct group of people at the right time.

Download this template to determine your target readers’ persona that will help you segment the buyers and provide them with content that is useful to them.

Have interesting content for the reader

What are you offering the reader? Is it easy to share and access?

Have you done your research?

Your topic does not have to relate to your services or the industry that you are in but relate to the readers’ interests instead.

By building trust with the reader, you have their undivided attention. Provide the reader with quality free information that will build their trust and ensure they continue reading.

Step back, take a look at your subject.

Will it be better received in point form or list style? A well-structured post will always have a better response than the traditional essay writing style post.

Needless to say, content isn’t everything, even great content can fail in captivating the readers’ attention if it is not communicated properly to the reader. Understanding the reasons great content fails and learning from it can save you a lot of time and effort for the future.

Don’t sell

Nobody likes pushy, down the throat sales pitches thrown at them. Provide value to the reader instead of a sales pitch for your product or service.

Buyers today are educated, they take their time to get to know a company, shop the competition and gain trust first.

Build trust with your customers by focusing on what you can help them with right now. By providing solutions to clients’ problems by offering free advise, they will begin to see you as an expert, begin to trust you, begin to buy from you.

Recognize what is important to them and how can you educate your readers so they will become buyers in the future.

Instead of focusing on your product or brand, concentrate on providing though-provoking, engaging content to the reader.

Create content that can be shared

Social media plays a major role in sharing and promoting your marketing content.

Are you creating content you are proud to share?


Make it easy for your readers to share your post. The simplest way to promote post sharing is to add social media sharing buttons that are clearly visible and easy to access.

Maximize reader engagement by informing email subscribers, Tweeting about your post, using Google AdWords to attract visitors.

Ensure you are using key words that are searchable and entice the reader to share on social media. Use tools available today to generate the best keywords that will land more diverse visitors to your new post. Optimize your social media presence with this eBook.

Marketing content is the most effective way to create relationships with the client, engage them in conversation, all the while building your brand.

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