Let's take your B2B sales team and prospect list to the bank!inetindustry is a full service, outsourced agency that helps you manage your sales & marketing technology while executing top performing long-term lead nurturing programs.

Not looking for help with your lead nurturing process?Here's how else we can help...

"I need help with Salesforce.com Technical Support"Request our free Salesforce.com assessment to benchmark your current performance and see how we can help you get a quick win.

"I'm not quite clear what Marketing Automation is or what it can do for my team"Download our template we use to plan Marketing Campaign Execution Strategies for our clients and have a clear vision of where you want to get.

"I need help with Custom Development"You have a vision for what you want your technology to do but not sure how to bring your vision to reality. We're happy to set you on the right path (ask us about our Special Prototype Package).

Are you in one of these industries?

Financial Services

We’ve worked with Capital Markets, Investment Banking, Lending, Foreign Exchange, Retail Banking and Insurance products. Those who adapt to new technologies win.


You have private customer data, paper-based processes, HR on-boarding and training challenges. We’ve seen it all, and know how new tech can bring huge wins.

Technology & SaaS

You have the best solution and now wondering how you can let the world know. You have a sales team and a prospect list but something isn’t right. It can be better. We can show you how.

Some of our clients we've had the privilege to work with

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We help sales & marketing teams collaborate
so that your clients win.

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To paraphrase Reid Hoffman, inetindustry is a team who jump off a cliff, then assemble the airplane on their way down. But it’s not their entrepreneurial spirit that sets them apart from other original people; it’s the logical, focused and organized approach that can produce amazing results in any business, marketing or technical context.

Alex Resan
CRM Consultant & Business Analyst, CIBC

Without a doubt this was one of the best Salesforce.com consulting teams I had ever worked with. I would highly recommend inetindustry for any SFDC and Pardot related implementation projects, and would love to work with them again in the future.

Dimitri Miranghi
Director, Global Sales Technology, SunGard
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Salesforce Managed Services

If you had an issue and nobody to help, where would you go?

Do you spend hours and even days on trying to “figure it out”, while the rest of your company is waiting on you?

Salesforce is a complex system that is very powerful if you know how to use it.

Instead of spending hours and days trying to find a solution online, ask on forums or submitting a case to salesforce, give us a call and consider it solved.

B2B Lead Nurturing Services

Salesforce, Pardot and other technologies are only tools that require strategy in the first place.

Do you have the right sales & marketing plan in place? Is your team structured correctly? Have you considered all the different options that can help you succeed, and have you included all the key components in the budget that will let you run a full mile?

Check out our V.P.L.O.C. process that will finally let you see the full picture.

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