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If You Need Salesforce Expert Help, You've Come To The Right Place. With Our Help, You Will Get The Results You Want, Guaranteed!
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We're a certified Consulting partner located in Toronto, Ontario and serving clients across the United States and Canada.

We'll take care of your investment like it's our own. Our Salesforce experts are veterans in the industry, have worked for Salesforce, and have been setting up Salesforce long before joining our company in 2010.

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Our Salesforce Consulting Services

Adoption Coaching

We assess adoption challenges and come up with strategies that may include process improvement, on-going training and self-study program, development and/or integration to ensure technology investments get the intended results.

Development & Integration

No job is too small or too large. We find ways to make it happen better, for less. We live in the world of, Salesforce1, .NET, Java, PHP, Heroku, Amazon and most other major cloud platforms. Check out our technical support packages.

Strategy & Design

We have our Business Coaching division to guide you through creating your “vision”. We identify technologies that fit your goals, faster. And you get better value with our proprietary “Agile Prototype Method”™ Training

We approach training from results-based perspective. We do not offer just the initial full day training that just offloads a large quantity of information at once, we also have a required 6 week follow up training strategy that will solidify knowledge in your team. Take a look at our training packages.

What Our Customers Are Saying

To paraphrase Reid Hoffman, Dmitri is a guy who jumps off a cliff, then assembles the airplane on the way down. But it's not Dmitri's entrepreneurial spirit that sets him apart from other original people; it's his logical, focused and organized mind that can produce amazing results in any business or social context.

Alex Resan, CRM Consultant & Business Analyst, CIBC

Without a doubt he was one of the best Premier Support specialists I had ever worked with. I would highly recommend Dmitri for any SFDC related consulting projects, and would love to work with him again in the future.

Dimitri Miranghi, Director, Global Sales Technology at SunGard

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